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Who We are

ABC Media is a Nairobi-based Digital Out of Home Company which sets up digital displays in prime locations and sells advertising on them.
We are media and advertising specialists that design, build and operate premium digital-out-of-home networks.


What We Do

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Digital Advertising

DOOH, or Digital out-of-home screens are dynamic display screens targeting ads to audiences when they are out and about outside the home.
Digital screens are better received by consumers than generic ads, according to Online Testing Exchange.
Digital OOH screens have a dynamism and flexibility that print displays simply don’t have. With digital OOH it’s easy to deliver targeted, relevant content to audiences.
A digital billboard is a billboard that displays digital images that are changed every few seconds. Digital billboards are primarily used for advertising, but they can also serve public service purposes.

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Digital Solutions

From personalized digital signage software to custom content, digital menu boards, video walls, kiosks and touch-screen displays, we at ABC Media can help you find the solution you require.
The digital images and video that make up the signage are displayed on a high-definition screen, or series of screens.
Content is driven to the screen from a media player. The media player stores the content that is driven by cloud based software that determines how content is displayed on the screen.



We have our 4mx3m Outdoor Digital Display at Parklands Plaza, on the busy intersection of Muthithi Road, and Chiromo Lane, at the border or Parklands and Westlands. The Digital Display offers incredible visibility especially during peak traffic hours which is all the time on that intersection.

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